De Hotond - Scherpenberg

Hotond Scherpenberg

The Hotond-Scherpenberg is located on the territory of Kluisbergen and Ronse. At 150 metres, the Hotond is the highest point in East Flanders. With a clear view you can see no less than 107 church towers from here! The Hotondmolen has been beautifully renovated. The result: a café, bistro and sports hotel with phenomenal views of the rolling countryside. It is a largely wooded witness hill whose shape betrays what the landscape used to look like.

Put on your hiking boots and climb to the highest point in East Flanders or walk through the green mosaic of the Scherpenberg.

The assets

  • Highest point of East Flanders
  • Great biodiversity
  • A rich history

Location and accessibility

  • De Hotond is located at the highest point of East Flanders.
  • There is limited free parking space opposite Molen De Hotond (Zandstraat, N425, Ronse - Kluisbergen) and at the Hotond café (Zandstraat 4, 9690 Kluisbergen).
  • Also to be explored via the walking network Witness Hills Flemish Ardennes.
  • Along the way, please respect other people's property, agriculture and nature and do not leave any litter behind. Then you will be a welcome guest.

On the survey map and leaflet you will also find 2 hiking loops.

  • Hotondpad (4,3 km)
  • Scherpenbergpad (1.8 km)

Order the survey map: Welcome to the Hotond-Scherpenberg here via the webshop of the city of Ronse.