Reception and experience centre in the Flemish Ardennes: Hoge Mote


Virtual reality and panorama tower

The Hoge Mote, centrally located at the historic town centre, is without any doubt a highly innovative reception and experience centre. The restoration of the site is a must-see: it is a fine heritage site with surprising contemporary touches and is the home base of the Ronse tourist office (Toerisme Ronse). The perfect start for a walking tour of the town or a discovery of the region.
By means of interactive panels, audio recordings of stories, films and virtual reality, visitors can find out more about Saint Hermes, the development of Ronse and of the textile sector, as well as Flanders’ finest landscape. The information is available in four languages.
The Hoge Mote already had three towers, and with a fourth tower the view is now complete.

-Location: Tourism Ronse: Hoge Mote, De Biesestraat 2
-Entrance: free - Only possible during the opening hours of the Experience Center Hoge Mote