What to do in Ronse?

Hoge Mote herfst

Visit and discover Ronse!

Welcome to our Reception and experience centre ‘Hoge Mote’: the perfect start for a city hike or a discovery of the region. The tourist reception, the upstairs and downstairs, the tower with panoramic view and the virtual reality box are operational.

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>> The Must - Museum of Textiles is a unique and living museum in which you can see the production process from raw material to finished product through some 40 working looms.

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>> Would you like to visit the St Hermes' Crypt? Visit Ronse offers a guided City Tour: ‘Onze Vrijheid’. A city guide will take you through the historic site ‘De Vrijheid’.

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The City of Ronse remains fully committed to the impressive nature of the Flemish Ardennes, an ideal getaway for young and old. Also take pleasure in the beautiful buildings of the city centre, easily admirable on foot or by bike.